​About FAR Botanicals

​FAR Botanicals (Fatty Acid-Rich Botanicals) is an artisan crafted line of sustainable grooming care designed to support the health and hydration ​of your hair. Through the use of essential fatty acids, stressed hair ​is replenished and made soft, supple and ​strong.


FAR Botanicals is a health and beauty project dedicated to creating top quality moisturizing products for hair and skin.

It’s a common practice in the beauty industry to sell watered-down products designed to maximize a manufacturer’s profits while delivering the bare minimum benefit to buyers. FAR Botanicals proudly defies industry convention to bring our customers handmade beauty of the highest quality.

We use top quality ingredients at concentrated levels because this creates a product that works better and ultimately, saves you money. A typical mass-market product watered down by fillers like plain water, mineral oil, silicones or plastic resins takes longer to work and requires a person to use more product at one time. This results in a higher churn rate (consume / discard / repurchase), and in the long run, costs a buyer more money while also creating more waste in our environment.

FAR Botanicals is crafted as an alternative to such practices. Every product in our small line is highly concentrated so that it works faster and is also created to be multi-purpose to maximize value. All of our formulas are also 100% vegan-friendly, kosher and halal, and contain zero animal content.

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