About FAR Botanicals

FAR Botanicals - Potent Plant Hydration for Hair & Skin

What if products were made with great ingredients at concentrated levels? What if they were designed to work quickly and last longer?

A decade before its official launch, FAR Botanicals started as a collection of private formulas made to pamper family and friends seeking alternatives to petroleum-heavy mass market products. This particular group of loved ones was hard working with little free time to spare for self-indulgence. They were also often caring for others on top of a busy work schedule. Dry hair and skin was an issue they faced daily, either due to reliance on poor quality, cheap products, or in some cases, because their hair or skin were naturally prone toward being dry.

Cheaply Made Costs More

A typical mass market product is watered down by fillers and bulking agents like plain water, mineral oil, low-grade oils, silicones, plastic resins and denatured or ethyl alcohol. It often takes longer to work due to being less concentrated which requires a person to use more product at one time. This equals a higher churn rate (consume-discard-repurchase), and in the long run, costs a buyer more money and creates more waste in our environment.

FAR Botanicals follows the philosophy that it’s better to make a line of carefully crafted products that contain concentrated levels of premium ingredients, perform multiple tasks, last longer and work quickly, and that these characteristics far out way any short-term benefit gained from buying cheaply made alternatives. Sequoia, the brand founder, proudly acknowledges that this stance defies typical industry convention which relies on high churn to maximize profit. As an artisan maker, her focus has always been firmly on crafting well-made products to secure customer happiness and encourage brand loyalty.

What FAR Botanicals Means

FAR Botanicals (Fatty Acid-Rich Botanicals) is an artisan crafted line of sustainable grooming care designed to support the health and hydration of dry hair and skin. Through the use of essential fatty acids, stressed hair and skin are replenished and made soft, supple and healthy. Sustainability is a key principle that guides all of FAR Botanicals’ manufacturing and formulating choices, and we are firmly against the exploitation of animals to achieve cosmetic goals.