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Alcohol-Free Cojoba Styling Gel

Alcohol-Free Cojoba Styling Gel

Available in 5oz / 150 ml

Alcohol-Free Cojoba™ Styling Gel is a light and creamy Coconut and Jojoba oil-based style setting gel that also functions as a moisturizing curl definer. Absent of common synthetics such as silicones and plastic polymers or drying alcohols, Cojoba is a healthy alternative to typical styling products. Jojoba oil plus extracts of Bamboo, Linseed and alcohol-free Witch Hazel help boost Cojoba’s natural holding power without making hair sticky, greasy or flaky. Coconut oil penetrates deep into hair’s fibers to increase its resilience and tensile strength.

​Amarula Preservation Butter

Amarula Preservation Butter

Available in 2oz / 59 ml

​Amarula Preservation Butter is a moisturizing blend of emollient-rich botanical extracts, oils and essences that have proven to be beneficial to dry and damaged hair. The heart of this premium butter blend is Marula Oil expressed from the kernel of the drought-resistant Marula tree of South Africa. With centuries of ancestral proof behind it, this oil was handpicked to be part of the FAR Botanicals line because of its ability to restore and protect fragile hair.

Our Manifesto

FAR Botanicals is devoted to making artisan-crafted products for nourishing dry hair & skin. We encourage our customers to delight in committing acts of self preservation in their daily lives. Our goal is to prove that you can be hard-working and value-conscious and still afford to pamper yourself with well-made products designed to maximize benefits and results.

Our Mantra

You will see it repeated on our packaging and throughout our website: A little goes a long way. If you’re use to using loads of product to achieve your hair and skin goals, you will be pleasantly surprised by our brand. Every formula is designed to maximize benefit by avoiding fillers and sub-par ingredients.

We Are Proudly:

​Woman-owned and family run.
Made from the finest available sustainable ingredients.
Focused on making multipurpose, multi-benefit products.
Certified Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny.
100% free of animal-derived ingredients.