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​~ Est. 2011 ~

Since 2011 FAR Botanicals has crafted a 100% cruelty-free botanical hair care line that defies industry conventions.  

  • ​No cheap fillers.
  • ​Multipurpose benefits.
  • ​Can be used by all hair types.

​Achieve the styles you want while also improving the health and hydration of your hair.

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​Customer Testimonials

Style Apothecary

“I started with the Lavender Absolute, only because Lavender has never been one of my favorite scents. Well, I am going to have to adjust my non-favorites as Lavender Absolute blew me away. It is such a SOFT Lavender that it caught me off guard at first. I think part of my dislike was due to anything Lavender I had smelled was always too strong or overpowering. This little powerhouse bottle does not need to overpower you. It is such a gentle fragrance!! But the real story is in the oil. It is a NON oily oil – that is to say that it does NOT leave any oily residue or a tacky feeling. It only takes a few drops which I massage gently into my hair and I actually see improvement as I apply it. Seriously, tired, dull, lifeless hair became vibrant!! It really livened up my hair – giving it such a healthy shine.”

-Style Apothecary

Laliyah McCulloch

“I was hunting for a hair gel that doesn’t contain alcohol and that doesn’t leave my hair greasy, and Cojoba Gel is it. It’s the only product I’ve found that really works for my 3b/3c curly hair. I’ve been using it for 2 years and it quickly became my go-to product. I also like that this company cares about the environment and being a cruelty free company since I’m vegan that is very important.”

-Laliyah McCulloch

Jennifer Schnitger

“I have thin, wavy red hair. Well, I thought it was wavy until I started using the Cojoba Styling Gel, now it is curly. I lived for 4 years in the hot humidity of Guam in the south Pacific, and this product worked as well for me there and it did when I lived in Ohio. Holds and forms my curls without the dry/stiffness of gel.

I am one who air dries my hair, because I do not like to fuss with all the styling tools and would rather sleep longer in the morning, and Cojoba Styling Gel gives me hold and volume. After my hair is completely dry I will run my fingers through breaking my curls apart. And if I happen to be crazy and brush my hair, simply wetting my hands with water will let me refresh my curls.”

-Jennifer Schnitger

Mandi Gage

“I love the Cojoba gel! As a stylists doing curly hair all day, it’s nice to have such a reliable and versatile gel. It has so much shine, great for diffusing, blowing the hair out or air-drying. I also fell in love with the Day One Clarifying Shampoo. This shampoo is lather free and leaves your hair feeling refreshed and moisturized. As someone who rarely shampoos, this is one I could use weekly if needed without compromising the integrity and moisture in my curls!”

-Mandi Gage

Maureen Lorenz

“I would categorize my hair as having curl with a mind of its own, a little bit ‘wiry’ with age. FAR products never disappoint. I believe for the first time I found a system of hair products that enhances my hair’s natural curl and texture. It’s shiny and soft. There is nothing heavy or false about any of the line I have used. I love the compliments I receive and the healthy hair that responds -maybe for the first time- to a look that’s me! I wear my hair every day and it has to look natural and good!”

-Maureen Lorenz

Our Manifesto

FAR Botanicals is devoted to making artisan-crafted products for hydrating hair. We encourage our customers to delight in committing acts of self preservation in their daily lives. Our goal is to prove that you can be hard-working and value-conscious and still afford to pamper yourself with well-made products designed to maximize benefits and results.

Our ​Mantra

​You will see it repeated on our packaging and throughout our website: A little goes a long way. If you’re use to using loads of product to achieve your hair and skin goals, you will be pleasantly surprised by our brand. Every formula is designed to maximize benefit by avoiding fillers and sub-par ingredients.

​We Are Proudly:

​​Woman-owned and family run.
Made from the finest available sustainable ingredients.
Focused on making multipurpose, multi-benefit products.
Certified Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny.
100% free of animal-derived ingredients.

Cojoba Silk Oil