Hair Favorites – 3 Product Set


The Hair Favorites set lets you save by combining 3 of FAR Botanicals’ high quality, concentrated hair care products under one flat purchase price. Select from 5 of our most sought after moisturizing, silicone and sulfate-free formulas to create the perfect combo that best fits your hair’s daily needs.

Suggested Combos:

For Cleansing and Conditioning:Day One Clarifying Wash + Coco-Mint Shampoo + 6 Flowers Moisturizer
For Increased Strength:Any Combo + Amarula Butter or Verde Oil
For Increased Moisture:Coco-Mint Shampoo + 6 Flowers Moisturizer + Verde Oil
For Heat Styling:Day One Clarifying Wash + 6 Flowers Moisturizer + Verde Oil
For Hold and Curl Definition:Any Combo + Amarula Butter
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