Can Green Tea Give You Better Skin?

Matcha Green Tea has amazing benefits for skin.

Can Green Tea Give You Better Skin?

Health-conscious consumers aiming to take better care of themselves often include Green Tea in their self preservation regimen, and why not? This ancient plant has been cultivated for over 5,000 years as a remedy for a variety of ailments including infection, lack of vigor and poor circulation. In vitro, scientists have determined that Green Tea is rich in Polyphenols which contain an abundance of antioxidant, anticarcinogen, anti-inflammatory properties.[1] These phytochemicals are likely responsible for Green Tea’s storied ability to heal and purge toxins from the body.

Originally a product of Asian cultures, Green Tea first found its way to the West via European traders in the 16th century, with the black variation being preferred.[2] However, Green Tea’s current popularity can be attributed to a resurrected interest  in traditional tea practices in China, a global consumer-driven trend toward healthier living and a quest for natural self-care.

What is Green Tea?

Hand-picked Matcha Green TeaGreen Tea is but one variation of the same botanical, Camellia sinensis . Depending on the level of fermentation, the dried leaves are divided into three categories;  green (unfermented), oolong (partially fermented) and black (fermented).[3] Within these three categories there are various offshoots with interesting names like Jasmine Dragon Pearls or Yellow Goddess. However, from a therapeutic standpoint, unfermented or green tea, is considered superior to other types since it is the least processed and thus contains the highest level of potent botanical actives. For centuries, black tea was preferred outside of Asia, mostly due to its ability survive long periods in transport.[4] Contemporary transport methods now allow for the less hardy but more potent Green Tea to land quickly at destination points around the world.

What is the Best Green Tea?

While tea aficionados can debate for ages which variety of tea has the best flavor, there is little dispute as to which type has measurably the highest load of botanical actives. Matcha Green Tea is easily distinguished by its bright green color, a characteristic resulting from its high level of chlorophyll. It is also processed differently. The finest green leaves are picked by hand, all stems and veins are removed, and then the raw leaves are ground to a fine powder. Unlike with regular Green Tea, no heat is used to process Match Green Tea, resulting in a higher quality product containing a higher load of botanical actives. When taken as a beverage, the nutritional content of Match Green Tea is equivalent to 10 to 15 cups of regular Green Tea.

What are the Benefits of Green Tea as a Beauty Aid?

When imbibed as a drink, Green Tea has been indicated as an effective energy booster, detoxification treatment, preventative of cardiovascular disease [5] and even an anticargenogen.[6] All of these internal Create a Green Tea cleanser and Green Tea mask.benefits naturally contribute to healthier skin and hair. However, amplified Green Tea benefits for skin can be attained by direct topical application. Antioxidants are a staple element in any skin care ritual particularly if slowing the signs of aging is a goal. Green tea, being rich in antioxidants, can reduce and prevent damage from free-radicals.

Using Green Tea for acne breakouts also appears to be a practice worth exploring. Recent studies have shown that topical applications of Green Tea in percentages as low as 2% are effective in reducing breakouts.[7] In addition to its natural antioxidants, Green Tea also contains antibacterial and astringent properties, both effective in the treatment of acne. Other benefits of applying Green Tea topically include the elimination of black heads, gentle exfoliation and the tightening and smoothing of skin.

Day One Green Tea Antioxidant-Rich Face Polishing Powder

Use Day One Green Tea Face Polishing Powder to create a Green Tea cleanser.

Make a Green Tea Cleanser for a Smooth Completion

You can quickly upgrade your face cleansing ritual by combining FAR Botanicals’ Day One Green Tea Antioxidant-Rich Face Polishing Powder and Day One Gentle Clarifying Cleanser for Hair & Skin to make a Green Tea facial cleanser and 5 minute clarifying mask. Made from the highest quality certified organic Matcha Green Tea, Day One Face Polishing powder is a simple but powerful way to convert a normal facial cleanser into a spa-level anti-aging treatment.

Follow these simple directions: After dampening your face and placing a dollop of cleanser into your palm, sprinkle a half teaspoon of Day One Face Polishing Powder over the cleanser and rub your hand together to create a bright green cream. Massage gently onto your face (avoiding eyes), allowing the cleansing mask to sit for 3-5 minutes then rinse.  After one week of use, you will notice a marked improvement in the smoothness and vibrancy of your skin.