Amarula Preservation Butter – Also Good For Skin?

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Amarula Preservation Butter – Also Good For Skin?

A number of customers have emailed us asking if Amarula Preservation Butter, a product we designed for hydrating and protecting dry or damaged hair, is also suitable for skin? If you are an avid follower of FAR Botanicals, then you already know that one of our primary missions when formulating, is to create multi-purpose products. Amarula also fits this profile, by not only working to protect and condition hair, but by also functioning as a great styling product, but how does it perform for skin?

Using Amarula Preservation for Skin

Amarula Preservation Butter is loaded with prized botanicals that work well at keeping hair soft and pliant. These same ingredients work equally well as an ultra-nourishing balm for cuticles, as well as for keeping skin supple and preventing dehydration. Some of Amarula Preservation Butter’s key ingredients include:

  • Fair Trade Marula Kernel Oil – Naturally rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin C, for skin, works to reverse free radical damage.
  • Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – Easily absorbs into skin’s stratum corneum (horny layer), allowing improved protection from dehydration.
  • Cold Pressed Chia Seed Oil – Provides anti-inflammatory, skin calming benefits while significantly increasing hydration and reducing trans-epidermal water loss.
  • Cupuaçu Butter – A cruelty-free alternative to Lanolin, possesses natural UV absorbing properties and helps bind moisture into and onto the skin.

Our Suggestion

Though Amarula contains ingredients that are beneficial to both hair and skin, it may be too heavy to use on your face. However, it’s excellent for keeping hands, feet and knees hydrated, especially during dry winter months or in more arid climates. We suggest rubbing a bit of Amarula into hands and feet to instantly soften rough, dry skin. Experiment with using Amarula in this way for a few days, and if you like the results, make Amarula part of your regular hands and feet pampering ritual. Enjoy!