​​A Hair Styling Gel that Prevents Dryness and Breakage?

​Styling gel is a pretty useful product for giving you perfect control over your hair. Unfortunately, many hair gels on the market can actually damage your hair due to the ingredients they contain. That leaves customers weighing the gains versus the losses of using this popular styling aid. Read on ​to learn more.

What Type of Damage ​​​​​Can a Hair Gel Cause?

Typical hair gels can contain drying alcohols like Isopropyl or Denatured Alcohol. The purpose of these ingredients is to quickly wick any moisture away from the hair so that the gel dries to the touch in a short period of time. The key feature of drying alcohols – perpetuating and speeding up drying – is something that is not good for hair, and extremely damaging for excessively dry or highly textured hair.

Mass-market hair gels can also contain synthetic plastics, one of the most popular and widely used being carbomer. Carbomer is responsible for the ultra clear appearance and thickening of typical commercial hair gels.

The problem with this ingredient is that it coats the hair in such a way that it prevents the natural absorption of moisture. While this may be great for temporarily fighting frizz, a buildup of carbomer on the hair shaft means that hair strands won’t easily absorb helpful moisture from conditioners and other types of products designed to keep the hair healthy. This leads to excessive dryness and breakage. Other ingredients that are simply cheap fillers or lubricating agents include: silicone and petrochemical derivatives like mineral oil, paraffin, microcrystalline wax, and petrolatum that are used in lieu of higher quality ingredients to bring the cost of a formula down.

Enter: Alcohol-Free Cojoba Styling Gel for Healthy, Hydrated Hair

Alcohol-Free Cojoba Styling Gel is a light Coconut and Jojoba oil-based style setting gel cream that also functions as a moisturizing curl definer. It’s also one of the few hair gels on the market designed to improve the condition of your hair with every use. Like every other product in the FAR Botanicals line, Cojoba Styling Gel purposely avoids cheap filling agents, instead employing ingredients that serve to make hair stronger and healthier. Curly haired customers absolutely adore Cojoba for being light, providing a natural hold that can be adjusted by gently “scrunching the hair” and also for its pleasant scent. Non-curlies also find it useful for creating soft, natural roller sets.

Enter: Alcohol-Free Cojoba Styling Gel for Healthy, Hydrated Hair

  • ​​Zero silicones, plastic polymers or petrochemical fillers
  • ​​Designed to improve your hair's condition with each use
  • ​​Made from highly beneficial plant-based ingredients
  • ​Concentrated formula which means a little goes a long way
  • ​Naturally holds style without making your hair sticky, hard, greasy or flaky
  • ​​Can be used on a variety of hair textures, from tightly coiled to straight
  • ​Certified 100% Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny

Alcohol-Free Cojoba Gel = Multiple Styling Options

​​How to Achieve the Best Results with Cojoba Styling Gel

Alcohol-Free Cojoba Styling Gel works best on freshly washed damp hair. It has been formulated not to cause hard to remove buildup and washes easily from hair during your next shampoo.

For Wet Sets and Soft to Medium Hold:

On short to shoulder length hair, part hair into 2 or 4 inch sections using a quarter-size amount of gel for each. Increase amount for longer or very thick hair. The more product you use, a firmer hold will result.

Cojoba is versatile and we encourage you to experiment to find the level of hold you desire. To avoid clumped hair comb product through strands, ensuring even distribution. Once the product has been evenly distributed, set on rollers or otherwise style as normal. Use a dryer to shorten set time. After removing rollers, lightly scrunch hair to soften if you find the hold to be too firm.

As a Curl Definer:

On damp shoulder length hair, part hair into 2 or 4 inch sections and apply a quarter-size amount to each section. Using your fingers, distribute product evenly through each section being careful not to disturb hair’s natural curl pattern. Scrunch hair for greater definition. Lightly blow dry with a hood dryer or hand dryer with a diffuser attachment, or allow hair to dry naturally. If you find final hold to be too firm, simply scrunch hair to soften.

Other Tips:

  • When wet setting, comb Cojoba through hair for even distribution before setting hair on rollers.
  • For short spiky styles, double the suggested amount of Cojoba, this will create a firmer hold.
  • If you want to change a style Cojoba can be re-activated by using a spray bottle to mist product that is already distributed through the hair, this helps avoid over-coating strands when a light hold is desired.
  • Like other products in the FAR Botanicals line, Cojoba is concentrated, this means a little goes a long way. Start with the smallest suggested amount, increasing until you reach the preferred level of hold.

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