FAR Botanicals

Being Sustainable is not an option, but the responsible thing to do.

Below are just a few of the steps FAR Botanicals takes to meet our sustainability goals:

We operate as a 100% cruelty-free company that avoids using any ingredients that are derived from animals or tested on animals. The cruelty-free status of our products has been endorsed by Leaping Bunny.

To reduce waste and excess energy consumption, we focus on making just a few products and making them well. Our formulas are designed to be multipurpose, allowing customers to experience great results with fewer, longer lasting products.

We formulate using Green Chemistry guidelines which require the responsible selection of sustainable materials and the creation of products that are safe for human use.

We use safe substitute materials to avoid animal-derived ingredients or ingredients made from endangered botanicals, and we avoid using materials that are not biodegradable and which may persist in the environment.

We craft our product line in quarterly batches. This allows us to make precisely the amount of product needed to meet demand while also reducing waste.

We work with raw ingredient suppliers who are sensitive to issues related to sustainability, fair-trade and environmental protection.

We use recyclable packaging, and where possible, packaging made from post-consumer materials. We also encourage the reuse of some of our packaging (such as our Verde Oil Supreme boxes) as an optimum form of recycling.

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